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Mission Statement

DREAM Fund provides emotional and financial support to advertising, public relations and media professionals whose lives have been impacted by severe hardship.

DREAM Fund Success Stories

No matter how creative we are, it’s impossible to know where our life stories will take us. Amidst the dreams we chase and the plans we make, there are inevitable hiccups. And sometimes, those hiccups are too big of burden to bear alone. But that doesn’t mean that even those stories can’t have a happy ending.

For two decades, DREAM Fund has supported people in our industry stricken by severe illness, tragic loss and other life-altering situations. Because we are uniquely equipped to provide immediate financial resources and emotional support, we are often able to help our recipients within a matter of days – not weeks or months. The assistance we provide enables people – who, many times, would not qualify for assistance from other sources – to pay medical bills, meet insurance costs, purchase treatment equipment, replace destroyed property and rebuild whatever has been lost.

These are our stories.