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Mission Statement

DREAM Fund provides emotional and financial support to advertising, public relations and media professionals whose lives have been impacted by severe hardship.

Bridge of Hope

Since 1991, generous donors have helped “bridge the gap” from crisis to a new normal, transforming numerous lives. Donations have helped a friend live to see a baby’s first step; rendered immediate care during tragedy and have given hope for those diagnosed with cancer, knowing they do not fight alone.

To this end, we are creating a giving opportunity to increase awareness and honor our friends in the industry.

If your heart has been especially touched by someone and you would like to honor them or recognize a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, you can now make a donation in their honor or memory to our DREAM Fund Bridge of Hope.

Any gift of $250 or more will place your donor name and honoree on the Bridge of Hope at prominent signage at each of our events.

Please help us “pave the way” to helping those most in need and give today!

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Bridge of Hope Tributes

Shirley Ward, in honor of the 2015 DREAM Fund Board of Directors

Sheila Brewster, in memory of Mary Henry

Betty Estle, Julia Fuqua, Marjorie Ornelas, Richard Poole & Shirley Ward, in memory of Bill Kennedy

David Rowe, in memory of Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-Fil-A

Chris Caldwell, in honor of Sandy Capell and Chuck Sitta

Kathy Clements, in memory of Steve Hill

Alice Crawford, in honor of the 2015 DREAM Fund Board of Directors

Trey & Dee Velvin, in honor of Teresa Novak

Don Clampitt, in honor of Clampitt Creative Center

Alice Crawford, in honor of the 2015 DREAM Fund Board of Directors

Jacqueline Hartley, in memory of Mary Ryan

Carter Keith, in honor of 31,000 FT LLC

Pat & Sandra Connell, in honor of Jim & Teresa Novak

Della Rampley, in honor of University of Houston – Victoria

Mitzi Fleissner, in honor of Telemundo Houston, KTMD

Pat & Sandra Connell, in honor of the Steele Magnolias, Mag Men and Petites