Mike’s Story

Mike’s dream came true when he got his first job in the advertising industry. His skills had finally been recognized and he would be able to work for a company that would push him to new limits. The dream soon became problematic.

Mike and his family of five moved from Orlando, FL to Dallas, TX in June of 2015 to begin work at The Richards Group. The move itself was far more expensive than expected and they arrived in Texas with an unanticipated deficit. To complicate things more, Mike had lost his supply of insulin during the move and despite panicked calls to three hotels hoping it would turn up, he was forced to pay cash to replace it and left the family another thousand dollars in debt.

Starting a new job and insurance not kicking in for 30 days, left them with several out of pocket medication costs and more debt. Essentially, the journey to a new career and life in Texas, with a few medical crisis along the way, left them in a financial crisis.

Soon, they were facing eviction and had been told that their daughter needed a surgery for severe sleep apnea. The surgery would cost more than a thousand dollars in advance and Mike and his family felt helpless…and hopeless.

Too proud to ask for help, he eventually turned to his new employer with his crisis. They referred him to DREAM Fund. Mike felt certain that he would not be able to receive any help from DREAM Fund, his faith was stained with hopelessness at that point.

DREAM Fund stepped in to assist his family, both emotionally and financially. Mike was overwhelmed with the compassion and concern showed by our philanthropy team. With assistance from DREAM Fund, Mike’s daughter was able to receive her surgery, the family was able to regain sound financial footing and they are now in a hopeful and optimistic place in life.

In Mike’s words, “his family loves Texas and it is possible for him to dream again”.

It was an honor and privilege to serve Mike and his family…and we love knowing that your DREAM is alive again.