DREAM Fund begins: Peggy’s story

Peggy Lark was diagnosed with an incurable heart disease and was unable to work. The doctors told her that she would need a transplant to survive. Peggy’s mounting medical bills consumed her savings, she had no medical insurance and was unable to qualify for Medicare. Peggy couldn’t even afford the medications she needed while she waited on the transplant list.

Peggy had nowhere to turn.

That is, until Shirley Ward heard about Peggy’s terrifying situation. Shirley immediately put together a fundraiser and sent the proceeds to her longtime friend. Unfortunately, Peggy died within a month of receiving the donation, but she died knowing how much people cared and that her media family wanted to help in any way possible.

As a result of Shirley’s personal experience with Peggy’s death, she founded DREAM Fund in 1991. Shirley wanted other colleagues experiencing an unexpected life crisis to have support and a place to turn.

Today, more than 1000 individuals and families have been able to benefit from DREAM Fund. Peggy didn’t live to see her dreams of a transplant realized, but her story inspired one person to change the lives of many. Peggy’s heart truly lives on in the spirit of DREAM Fund.