Chris’ Story

Chris had developed a successful profession in radio sales. Chris worked hard and played hard and loved playing football on the weekends. One game, he bumped heads with another player, but being Chris, he shook it off and went back to playing the game.

Unknowingly, he had suffered a concussion and did not seek medical attention. Unaware that the vision in his left eye had become impaired, Chris pulled into the path of a truck while merging onto the freeway. What Chris didn’t know, was that at the young age of 32, he had suffered a stroke.

His wife’s insurance covered much of the medical expenses, but there remained a mortgage payment, two car payments and a small child to support.  Chris’ rehab would take up to seven months to complete.

DREAM Fund helped with his expenses. Eventually, with a lot of hard work in rehab, Chris made a full recovery and continues a successful career. He even still plays a little football on the weekends.